About the Band


Lynx & the Servants of Song at Symbiosis Gathering, 2015 

Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom




Guitar / Lead Vocals

Cheya MacKay


Brandon Warren

Asher Fulero

Lynx & The Servants of Song are a multifaceted wall of talent based out of Portland OR, led by the immensely talented Caitlin ‘LYNX’ DeMuth. Lynx is notable for her original and powerful lyrics delivered by her commanding and haunting voice. The Servants of Song features Cheya Mackay on guitar, Nickles D’onofrio on bass, Brandon Warren on drums and Asher Fulero on keys. The band is inspired by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Ryan Adams, Paul Simon, First Aid Kit and Alabama Shakes. Their highly anticipated debut album Northlands is available now worldwide. Northlands is a collection of exquisitely arranged stories, well earned lessons and refined anecdotes. The lyrics are charmingly insightful, tastefully sentimental and truly moving. The intentional analogue approach to Northlands showcases Lynx’s instrumental talent as a guitarist and composer that pairs perfectly with her singing and song writing ability. The band is known to execute pulsating and sincere performances that completely commit to musical authenticity. Lynx & The Servants of Song are a rare marvel of band and should not be missed.